• List the locations where water is found on Earth
  • Be familiar with the distribution of water on Earth
  • Have an idea of how much water on Earth is available for human consumption
  • Give examples of the various forms that water is stored on Earth
  • Explain how water moves from one location on Earth to another

Mission 1 Project

Mission 1

  • Demonstrate examples of direct water use in the home
  • Calculate household water use
  • Compare and contrast national averages of direct water use
Mission 2 Project ( will be posted with mission 3 project)

Mission 3 Project

  • Define indirect water use.
  • Show how water is used to grow, process, manufacture or transport everyday objects.
  • Choose an everyday household product and investigate how much water is used to produce it.
  • Share your findings
Mission 2 and 3 Project:
Mission 2 and 3

Mission #6

Mission 4
  • Define a watershed
  • Identify the key features of a watershed
  • Explain why watersheds are important
  • Demonstrate how watersheds are connected
Identify the watershed in which you live
Mission 6 project:

Mission 6