We increase knowledge and inspire learning about nature and culture, through outstanding research, collections, exhibitions, and education, in support of a sustainable future.
Inspired by the mission of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum,this project is a call to action game. Students become H2O Heroes by completing 10 missions. The missions require students to acquire Knowledge about nature and culture through research. They then exhibit or demonstrate their learning to inspire others to support a sustainable future.
The game is designed to teach students key 21st Century skills of collaboration, creativity, productivity and Digital Literacy.You can have your students work as a whole class through all of the missions, or you can break your class into smaller groups to work on different missions. On every mission page there are resources and websites that you can tap into but here you will find lesson plans and teacher related materials that you can utilize to help your students complete missions. Please feel free to add resources to the list.Awarding points is at your discretion.You will also find a rubric for each mission to help you award points. You can also award 1 bonus point for each of the superhero powers demonstrated by the children. Bonus activities can be awarded up to 5 points.Please share rubrics with students

A key element of success for teams is to learn how to communicate,collaborate and self-regulate.The file below contains ideas to help students become politely critical and reach consensus. It also contains individual role descriptions encourage students to rotate through these roles.

Students can use the following rubrics to guide and assess how well they fulfill their responsibilities. Encourage students to refer to them often throughout each mission.

Students should use the personal skills rubric to determine their roles. This should be revisited at least four times throughout to enable students to see their personal growth and to help them rotate through all the different roles

A wiki is a collaborative tool for students to build and share knowledge. The following file contains tips to share with students regarding wiki etiquette.

Here are some posters that you can use in your classroom.

Mission 1 Resources

Mission 2 Resources

Mission 3 Resources

Mission 4 Resources

Mission 5 Resources

Mission 6 Resources

Mission 7 Resources

Mission 8 Resources

Mission 9 Resources

Mission 10 Resources