Before you begin you must decide on the members of your team and a team name.

1.Once you have a name click on teams in the navigation bar.

2. If you don't see your country listed, click on edit page and add your country.Highlight the name of your country then click link at the top of the page.
Another window will pop up. Click add link.When the window closes , save the page and click on the name of your country.


3. When you are at your country page click edit and add your team name. Highlight your team name and click link. When the new window pops up, click add link. When it closes, save the page.

4.Click on your team name, click edit, and create a team logo or Symbol to add to your team page. Provide a brief description of your team and your team's general location.

5. Each member of the team should now take the personal skills inventory below

Use the results of your personal skills inventory to decide as a team who will take responsibility for each of the following roles:

Use the following rubrics to guide and assess how well you fulfill your responsibilities in each role. Use them to provide positive feedback to your team members and help your team to become even more successful.

As you complete each mission your skills will grow and improve. After each mission revisit your personal skills inventory and as a team reallocate roles. By the end of Mission Ten you should have taken each role.

6. Now you are ready to begin your missions! You can add a new page for each mission to your team page or just add them to your team page as you complete them.

7. To look at the work that other teams have done, click on their team names and you will be taken to their page. If you think they have demonstrated a superhero power and you would like to award them extra points for their mission click on the discussion tab at the top of the page and leave your comments or suggestions.

8.All that is left to do is to have your teacher add your team information to the leaderboard. Direct them to the leaderboard page for directions.

Good Luck H2Oheroes!